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Employment & Training

The famous industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was fond of saying, "My heart is in the work".  While that's always easy for a multi-millionaire to say, it's certainly true that having a job is better than not having one.

One of the City's goals is to seek out and provide employment opportunities for its citizens.  Jersey City devotes a number of resources toward meeting that goal.

The Jersey City Employment and Training Program assists new employers who are moving into the City to meet any applicable compliance obligations and supports existing employers who need to hire, test and recruit new employees. It also provides industry current labor information to employers so as to ensure the move to Jersey City is the right one.

The Project Employment Opportunity Program publicizes employment opportunities available through tax abated projects in the City to Jersey City residents.

The Jersey City Division of Personnel administers hiring for City employment and can be reached at (201) 547-5217.

In addition to City employment assistance, the State of New Jersey, Department of Personnel administers the merit system employment provisions formerly known as "Civil Service".

JCETP Partners With Lew Corporation To Train Jersey City Remediation Workers 

The Jersey City Employment & Training Program and the LEW Corporation are seeking Jersey City Residents with general contracting experience for a Pilot Class of 10-15 individuals to be specially trained for construction and contracting related positions at LEW Corp. LEW Corp is nationally recognized for their work in environmental testing, consulting, remediation and training.  

The ideal candidate for training would be trustworthy, hard working, responsible, reliable, free of drug use, and have some light carpentry skills, such as removing and replacing drywall and stripping paint. After the 6-day program, trainees will receive OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting) certifications.  

Upon the success of the initiative, JCETP will expand the training to help meet LEW Corp’s staffing needs, as well as the needs of other firms in this rapidly expanding field.  

LEW Corp CEO, Lee Wasserman, is widely heralded as an industry leader and environmental-compliance expert.  In discussion of the initiative, JCETP’s Director, Jim McGreevey, pointed out, “Partnerships with businesses like LEW Corp. signals a new direction for JCETP where trainings are designed with employers and connected to actual jobs.”   

Contact Alma Kadric with interest, questions and concerns at Alma.Kadric@dol.state.nj.us or at 201-793-0844. 









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