Public pools are open only to Jersey City residents with proof of residency. Examples include a valid driver’s license, passport, work ID, or utility bill with a photo ID.

We hope to offer Learn to Swim programs in August, please check back for more details.

Pool Sprinklers will be kept on from  11AM to 7PM,  seven days a week until further notice for those looking to beat the heat.   A list of pool and sprinkler locations and hours is provided below.

  Pool openings serve as a continuation of the Fulop administration’s commitment to the growth and development of recreational programs within the community.

Summer Pool Schedule 2020

Sprinklers are open every day from 9am-7pm through Monday Sept. 7, 2020 (subject to change).

Arlington Park (785 Grand Street)
Audubon Park (103-129 Bergen Avenue)
Rev. Ercel Webb/Lafayette Park (Maple Street & Van Horne Avenue)
La Pointe Park (90-92 Dekalb Avenue)
Pershing Field Park (Summit Avenue and Pershing Plaza Roberto)
Roberto Clemente Park (8th Street and Brunswick Street)
Bayside Park (480 Garfield Avenue)
Dr. Lena Edwards Park (325 Johnston Avenue)
Hamilton Park (8th Street, 9th Street and Hamilton Place)
Terrace Park (Terrace Ave. & Hillside Road)
Venator Watson Park (Stevens Ave. & Martin Luther King Drive)
Virginia Avenue Park (74 - 80 Virginia Avenue)
Wilkinson Avenue Park (146 - 152 Wilkinson Avenue)
Berry Lane Park (when open, June 25th – 1000 Garfield Avenue)
Boyd McGuinness Park (corner of Duncan Avenue and John F. Kennedy Blvd)


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