Jersey City Remembers Councilman Micheal Yun 1954-2020

Department Contact Info

Councilman Michael Yun   


Term of office:
First Elected To Council: June 11, 2013
Current Term Expires: December 31, 2021

(201) 547-6817

 Aide: Vernon Richardson
(201) 547-6817


Ward D Councilman Michael Yun has been a Jersey City Heights resident since 1981, after coming to the United States to study in March of 1979. He and his wife, Jennifer (Seong Hee Ahn) have owned and operated Garden State News on Central Avenue in the Heights section of Jersey City since 1982.

A founding member of Jersey City’s first Special Improvement District (SID) in 1992, he has served as both President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Central Avenue SID for more than twenty years. During that time he has worked to establish Jersey City as a UEZ municipality and initiated the popular Everything Jersey City Festival. Additionally, Michael successfully led efforts to establish the first commuter bus line from Central Avenue to New York City, the 10’99s. He served as President of the Jersey City Merchant’s Council for twenty years, representing more than 3,000 Jersey City small-business owners and operators.

Michael was appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the Jersey City Development Agency in 1992. As an Aide in the Schundler administration, he sought to improve local government and quality of life through his service as a committee member for Jersey City’s CCTV program, the Neighborhood Improvement District program (NID), and community policing initiatives. As an Executive Trustee of the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation and as a member of the Jersey City Master Plan Advisory Committee and the Hudson County Strategic Revitalization committee, Michael has repeatedly pushed for local economic growth as well.

Michael has volunteered with numerous community organizations over the past three decades, helping to spearhead projects including the building of the Korean War Veteran’s memorial in Jersey City and the preservation of Reservoir #3. As Co-Chairman of Save Christ Hospital, he has helped lead the effort to preserve the hospital as an acute care medical facility.

A recipient of more than thirty community service awards and citations over the past three decades, Councilman Michael Yun is proud to be working for the residents of Ward D on the Municipal Council.

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