Office of Code Compliance
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Office of Code Compliance

Office of Code Compliance

The Office of Code Compliance (OCC) is responsible for the enforcement of Jersey City's local ordinances (also referred to as municipal codes). Comprised of inspectors and support staff, the office oversees the inspections of resident, commercial, and open-space properties, and oversees other matters related to compliance with the laws of Jersey City that protect our quality of life. 

The OCC's operations are community-driven and guided by a progressive approach of “education before enforcement" to proactively encourage compliance rather than reactively respond to violators. Inspectors lead with conversation and education, while court summonses and prosecution are our last resort.

Code Compliance

All complaints can be reported by contacting the Resident Response Center at 201-547-4900 or utilizing the SeeClixFix form below.

Top Code Violations

Click below to research each of the top code violations common to Jersey City.

Illegal Dumping Litter
Bulk Trash
Property Owner/
Manager Duties
Graffiti Occupant/Tenant

Office of Code Compliance Staff

Code Compliance Manager
Timothy Brown
Code Compliance Supervisors

Nancy Carbone
Fausto Garcia
Joseph Barrow
Robert Keating


chief prosecutor
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