The Jersey City Municipal Council will hold Jersey City’s first virtual meeting this Wednesday, March 25th, at 6 p.m. The platform allows for standard public comment through a chat function and real-time call in system. The email has been set up for community members to send their name and phone number in advance to be considered for public speaking. City officials will then call them to participate in public comment. To view the virtual proceeding live through Microsoft Team, please visit   Read the press release here.


The City Council in Jersey City consists of nine members: one council member for each of the City’s six wards, plus three at-large council members who represent the entire City.  Every two years, the members of the City Council vote among themselves to select one member to serve as the City Council President.  

Council members serve for a term of four years, which coincides with that of the Mayor.  Council members are not subject to term limits.  The scope of the City Council’s power is described in the Jersey City Municipal Code

To add your name to the public speakers' list for an upcoming City Council meeting, please call the City Clerk's Office at (201) 547 5150.

To schedule a tour of City Hall for a school group, summer camp, daycare, or tour group, please contact Desire Marte, Council Office Administrator, at (201) 547-5204  or

If you have a question regarding the recent Short-Term Rental Ordinance (Chapter 255), please refer to the Division of Housing Preservation for information and permit applications.

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The present council will serve until
December 31, 2021:
Council President - Joyce E. Watterman
Councilman at Large - Rolando R. Lavarro, Jr.
Councilman at Large - Daniel Rivera
Ward A Councilwoman - Denise Ridley
Ward B Councilwoman - Mira Prinz-Arey
Ward C Councilman - Richard Boggiano
Ward D Councilman - Michael Yun
Ward E Councilman - James Solomon 
Ward F Councilman - Jermaine D. Robinson

Department Contact Info

  • phoneCouncil Office Main Line: (201) 547-5204
  • phoneDesire Marte, Council Office Administrator: (201) 547-5204
  • faxCouncil Office Fax: (201) 547-4678
  • 280 Grove Street
    Room 202
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
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